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When you’d like to schedule today with a New York divorce attorney who works to protect your parental rights, Richard Rosenthal offers free initial consultations. I understand that dealing with your emotions while undergoing a divorce can pose certain challenges, I can serve as your legal advocate during the process.

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Whether you’re going through a divorce or need assistance with alimony or custody payments, you can delegate any negotiations over to my office, and as your attorney Richard can represent your financial interests. He can petition the courts on your behalf, and he intends to present your case in a favorable light.

To accommodate your schedule’s other obligations, Richard has flexible office hours. He works to resolve marital issues, providing you an opportunity to move into a new chapter of your life. For your appointment with a New York, divorce attorney, call today.

Our dogs, cats and other pets are members of our family. During a divorce or separation, negotiating which party will be awarded or get custody of a pet companion animal can be extremely difficult. This struggle is compounded by the fact that there are no laws or statutes in place that acknowledge the emotional bonds between animals and humans. New York now allows for the inclusion of pets in Orders for Protection and furthermore, some courts are taking human best interests and animal best interests into account in applying their discretionary authority in divorce proceedings and civil replevin actions.

In New York and throughout the country, there are no family law statutes that specifically address animals in the context of family law proceedings. Although technically speaking, pets are only property under family law statutes, the Court are finally beginning to recognize the necessity of having human and companion animal best interests considered when the court utilizes its equitable discretion.

During divorce proceedings, attorneys rarely mention pets unless they have considerable fair market or monetary value — for example, a registered purebred puppy or thoroughbred horse. There may be no evaluation of which party is best able to care for the animal. Although one party may believe that he or she owns an animal, this opinion may be subject to challenge based on a variety of factors, including the payment of significant veterinary expenses by the other party. There is not even a space for pet food or veterinary care to be listed in most monthly living expense forms that lawyers provide to courts or mediation professionals.

In our changing world the Courts are finally beginning to change their views regarding pets and are beginning to understand that, to many people, their pets are important members of their families and that any change in the family dynamic needs to take their fur-babies into account. I am committed to fighting for the rights and best interests of these treasured family members and help make sure that your pet’s well-being, and your concern, are not forgotten in these changing times

Protect yourself and your home, pets and family. Let me provide you with the aggressive representation you need to put the matter to rest once and for all. Call today to schedule your consultation and obtain the aggressive representation you need.

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