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Criminal Law – Richard B. Rosenthal, Esq.

After you’ve been arrested, you may want to schedule an appointment with a New York criminal law firm. Whether you’re currently facing charges or concerned about potential violations, Richard Rosenthal can assist with state and federal offenses. His firm offers local representation, and when you retain our office, you can explore legal tactics and strategies with your attorney.

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Richard intends to guide you through the criminal process. As your lawyer he can discuss the elements of the crime that you’ve been charged with, and in an effort to have your charges reduced, he can negotiate with the prosecution. Richard would help you decide what’s in your best interest, and when you’d like to take your case to trial, you’ll have an attorney at your side when you appear in court.

Richard is available seven days a week, and our staff can answer your questions in English or Spanish. When you need assistance with legal matters, call the office and find a good time to consult with a Kew Gardens, NY, criminal law firm.

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I represent clients throughout NYC, Nassau, Suffolk & the entire NYC Metro Area, my office is in Kew Gardens, NY